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    Waste incineration system
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For low concentration and large volume of waste gas pollution, Mitsui and environmental protection group launched independent intellectual property rights of the RTO process, to further improve the traditional VOLs concentrated +RTO regenerative combustion technology devices, low concentration, high flow rate of air pollution concentration and small volume, high concentration of exhaust gas of thermal combustion process can be, improve efficiency, enhance security, and can reduce operating costs, to achieve low cost and high efficiency of VOC exhaust treatment discharge standards, industry leading volatile organic VOLs and odor HAP environmental protection and waste gas treatment process.

Our technology is more close to the exhaust gas conditions, with a large volume of spray paint waste gas treatment as an example:
Workshop discharge organic exhaust gas through the main pipeline sent to G swirl tower for purifying paint mist particles removal process, after demister, after specially designed combination of filters, adsorbed by zeolite rotary adsorber adsorption zone, adsorption efficiency is above 90%; emissions by adsorption fan pulled out and discharge;
The organic matter adsorbed by the concentrated runner is removed from the runner desorption zone and enters into the RTO high temperature oxidation treatment.
System composition
The processing system of the exhaust gas pretreatment system, the molecular sieve runner concentration adsorption system, the desorption system, the cooling and drying system and the automatic control system are formed. After the runner is generally a post-processing system.
Device features and advantages
1, high absorption, desorption efficiency, so that the original high air volume, low concentration of VOCs waste gas, converted into a low air volume, high concentration of waste gas, reduce the cost of the end of the back-end processing equipment.
2. The pressure drop caused by the adsorption of VOCs is very low, which can greatly reduce the power consumption.
3, the concentration ratio of 5-20 times, greatly reduced after treatment equipment specifications, lower operating costs.
4, the overall system design and modular design, with a minimum of space requirements, and provides a continuous and unmanned control mode.
5, after the exhaust gas, can meet the national emission standards.
Adapt to the industry: especially suitable for large air volume, low concentration occasions, including: printing, large spraying workshop, furniture, chips, liquid crystal LED industry and other production sites.

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