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ADD:Jiangsu Yixing Gaocheng town industrial concentration area Pengyao Technology Innovation Park
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Jiangsu Sanjin environmental protectionequipment co., LTD., is a high-tech enteprise focus on design and manufacture incineration treatmentequipments for waste gas, waste liquid and solid waste by Peng Yao environmentalgroup innovation park. The company is based on the current China's industrial"three wastes" pollution severity and urgency, through carefulinvestigation and research of the international advanced "threewastes" treatment technology, relying on the national class a designinstitute Peng Yao environment design institute, the latest introduction ofJapan and Europe and the United States advanced incineration technology, andsuccessfully with the Spanish 3E group comprehensive strategic cooperation,professional design and development of incinerators won national patents,national new product, the title of provincial high-tech products, with leadingdomestic waste incineration system solutions to today's industrial pollution ofthe environment. Sanjin has led by postdoctoral technical team, and four keyuniversities and domestic cooperation, over the years the company of"three wastes" comprehensive processing has carried on the positiveexploration and research and development, and accumulated rich experience, fromdesign, production...

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 ADD:Jiangsu Yixing Gaocheng town industrial concentration area Pengyao Technology Innovation Park   TEL:0510-80731188