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Changzhou chemical industry park project RTO
  • Date posted:2014-06-07
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The regenerative oxidation system (RTO)
The heat storage material direct, efficient heat, energy saving and environmental protection for the treatment of waste gas consumption is a new technology of foreign world until ninety years out; digestion in the principle of heat storage, thermal oxidation furnace based on the technology of our company, developed the hatchback, three car and car blowing regenerative oxidation furnace; suitable for complex composition, containing corrosive or halogen, sulfur, phosphorus, arsenic and other organic waste gas treatment of low concentration, large air flow on the catalyst of toxic substances, is also very suitable and processing needs high temperature oxidation to eliminate some special odor smell. This type of furnace advanced technology, stable operation, low operation cost, realize the full automatic control system.
The regenerative oxidation system:
(1) using regenerative heat exchanger, heat carrier and gas heat exchange directly, the radiation pressure and temperature, heating speed; low temperature heat effect is significant, so the heat transfer efficiency is high; the maximum recovery of sensible heat in the oxidation products. High thermal efficiency, low smoke exhaust temperature, energy-saving effect is remarkable. Reduce the fuel consumption also means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
(2) the regenerative room temperature even grade increased, enhanced heat transfer, heat transfer effect is more, so the same amount of the oxidation furnace furnace volume can be reduced, greatly reduces the cost of the equipment;
(3) as the flame is not generated in the burner, but in the furnace temperature gradually oxidizing regenerator, no high temperature fronts, so the oxidation of low noise;
(4) expansion of high temperature flame oxidation zone, the flame boundary extends to almost the boundary, so that the furnace temperature uniformity, so that on the one hand to improve the purifying efficiency, on the other hand, prolong the furnace life;
(5) and conventional combustion thermodynamic conditions of completely different, hierarchical oxidation technology, delaying like oxide releases heat energy; the furnace temperature uniformity, low heat loss; heat consumption effect. The local high temperature and high oxygen area traditional combustion process no longer exists; inhibition of thermal oxides of nitrogen (NOx) generation, good environmental protection effect;
(6) the overall oxidation indoor temperature increase and more uniform distribution; the temperature can reach 800 ℃, flow velocity is small, fast oxidation, high temperature of flue gas in the furnace to stay for a long time, the oxidation of organic matter decomposition completely. Significant environmental effects;
(7) system using PLC automatic control of oxidation, high degree of automation, stable operation, high safety and reliability;
(8) according to the exhaust heat recovery device, reasonable settings, in the high temperature oxidation chamber is connected with the heat exchanger, heat conduction oil furnace or boiler; flue gas at low temperature for heating gas, make full use of waste heat in the exhaust gas treatment.
Scope of application:
Chemical treatment
Coil coating
Food processing
Laminated molding
Metal printing
Odor control
Printing and production
Semiconductor manufacturing
The soil and water conservation
Spray paint
Vinyl flooring
Wooden products

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