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Henan Nanyang catalytic oxidation of project
  • Date posted2014-06-07
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Regenerative catalytic oxidation system (RCO)
Organic waste gas by the blower into the oxidation furnace, by the fuel oxidation heating, heating to 250~300 deg.. At this temperature, the organic components in exhaust gas is oxidized into carbon dioxide and water under the action of catalyst after reaction, high temperature flue gas into the special structure of the ceramic regenerator, most of the heat regenerator absorption (more than 95%), the temperature dropped to close inlet temperature through the chimney emissions. Typically, the regenerative catalytic oxidation system consists of three heat storage chamber, gas in the PLC control procedures, the following procedure loop execution: into the regenerator has storage, so that the exhaust gas is preheated, and then enter the thermal oxidation chamber, exhaust gas treatment process by non thermal storage room heat emission, gas part after being drawn back into the room, sweep the remaining untreated waste gas. The pollutant removal efficiency is not high, to save money, also can be designed into a two chamber structure.
The characteristics of regenerative ceramic:
(1) hole thin wall, large capacity, large heat storage capacity, small occupied space;
(2) the hole wall smooth, back pressure is small;
(3) the service life is long, and not easy to slag corrosion, corrosion and high temperature deformation of clay;
(4) the quality of the products of high specification, installation, regenerator between dislocation emissions neat, small;
(5) has low thermal expansion, high specific heat capacity, large surface area, low pressure drop, small thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance and good character.
The catalyst shows:
(1) alumina high temperature stabilization treatment and high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant alloy steel skeleton, to ensure that the catalyst is not sintered, maintain stable catalyst specific surface area;
(2) high temperature stainless steel edge;
(3) convenient cleaning catalyst, ensure that the catalyst is very long service life;
(4) highly dispersed noble metal;
(5) low resistance, saving operating costs;
(6) high activity at low temperature;
(7) a very high mechanical strength;
(8) very high thermal stability
The regenerative characteristics of catalytic oxidation systems:
(1) using RCO technology for purification of organic waste gas, can simultaneously remove organic pollutants, and has the advantages of simple process, compact equipment, reliable running etc.;
(2) RCO has the advantages of high purifying efficiency, are generally more than 98%;
(3) the RCO has the advantages of low operating costs, the heat recovery efficiency can reach above 95%;
(4) the whole process without waste water, purification process does not have two pollution NOX;
(5) RCO purification equipment can be matched with the oven, purified gas can directly return to oven heating equipment, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
Scope of application:
Processing technology is especially suitable for heat recovery rate in high demand, and no other process can be used as heat exchange recovery procedures; applicable to the same production line, for different products, the composition of the exhaust gas often change or exhaust gas concentration fluctuations. Applied in the purification industry including oil, chemical, rubber, paint, paint, furniture, printed cans, printing and other industries in the high concentration organic waste gas, types of organic materials can be processed including benzene, ketones, esters, phenols, aldehydes, alcohols, ethers and hydrocarbons. In addition, applicable to the sewage treatment station deodorant. Processing in 500~7000mg/m3 concentration between the organic waste gas or fumes.

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